Would you like to have handles in your eme Beam for ease of carrying?

Would you like to have handles in your Beam for ease of carrying? Of course, when you have to lift so many heavy things through your work day, you might welcome some help.

High quality components is always our starting point at eme.  So when we evaluated the type of material to create our beam handles from, we focused on materials that would last the life of the beam.   That’s how we arrived at using aluminum machined billet handles for our beams.  High quality and durable.  There’s nothing worse than lifting a beam, only to realize the only thing you lifted was the cheap fabric handle that tore off.  It was a nice marketing feature, but not particularly useful while trying to get actual work done.

Our handles don’t have any sharp edges that would be uncomfortable.  You can use them with our with or without gloves, your call.

Oh, and if you are worried that the aluminum billet handles will interfere with our top of beam trolley, don’t, we thought of that as well and made sure that your convenience of great handles won’t impact the lift.

So, please stop torturing your hands and wasting time trying to figure out how to pick up a clunky beam with fabric handles or no handle at all.  We know you work hard, and it’s hard work that our operators are doing.  That’s why we make every effort to ease your burden, including how you carry our eme Gantry Crane beam.







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