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Would you like to have handles in your eme Beam for ease of carrying?

Would you like to have handles in your Beam for ease of carrying? Of course, when you have to lift so many heavy things through your work day, you might welcome some help.

We want to help you by minimizing the load that you must move; so, we have aluminum, machined billet handles at each end of our proprietary eme Beam extrusion. No sharp edges, just comfortable, bright yellow handles that are easily located on the Beam; they have been designed for an easy grip, with or without gloves. 

The handles also allow workers to move the eme Beam easily when assembling any eme Gantry Crane. Then, once the Gantry Crane is assembled, the Beam Trolley moves smoothly over the handles and the work can begin. 

Whatever we can do to improve our equipment and to make it very customer friendly, we will do. 

Fabric straps can break — then, do they ever get replaced? If not, then that Beam has to be lugged across the job site by two workers who are not getting any help with the strain on their bodies; as well, that job site could be a dangerous place so any details that can prevent trouble are a good thing. Over time, there is a price to pay for that heavy work; we include the handles on our eme Beam to ease the pain.

Our Beam handles stay where we position them. On the Beam, just at the right location for easy lifting.


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