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Superior Casters stabilize eme Gantry Cranes!

One of the most important safety features of eme's aluminum and portable Gantry Cranes is the double-locking caster.

Our casters are out of the way of the Operator to protect that person from possible danger.

Other gantries may have locking casters, but our Gantry Cranes have superior and robust swivel-and-wheel locks; these two separate brakes operate independently and allow the lightweight Gantry to be steered when it is being rolled to the job or being moved while under load.  

Unlike a competitor’s total-lock casters, eme casters can have the rear wheels locked parallel to the Beam.

This allows the maintenance lifting equipment to be ‘turned into a cart’ and rolled and steered when under load. This four-wheel steering allows our portable Gantry Cranes to be moved easily into tight spaces. You will not have to chase these Gantry Cranes down any hill! They will stay where you put them.

And, again, the casters are positioned to be safely out of the way to ensure that there are no accidents or injuries to the Operator.


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