Superior Casters stabilize eme Gantry Cranes!

One of the most important safety features of eme's aluminum and portable Gantry Cranes is the double-locking caster.

We are committed to the operator’s safety and we know that safety starts at the foundation of the Gantry Crane:  the casters!

At eme, we believe we have outfitted the eme Gantry Crane with the best casters available for a Gantry Crane.  Our casters have outstanding and robust swivel-and-wheel locks.  These two separate brakes operate independently, allowing the lightweight aluminum eme Gantry Crane to be steered while it’s is being rolled to the job or moved while under load. 

The four wheel steering enabled by our locking system results in significantly better outcomes.  The eme casters can have the wheels locked in parallel, allowing for easier assembly.  The four wheel steering allows the eme Gantry Crane to be moved easily into tight spaces.  Locking for both swivel and roll results in greater stability and eliminates the risk that your gantry crane will run away if you momentarily park it on a slight incline.   

Operator safety is always #1 at Easily Moved Equipment (eme), which is why we spend so much time and attention on the part of the gantry crane that connects to the ground:  your casters!.  To slightly change the tagline of another very well known brand: “Because so much is riding on your casters!”

Whether you look across different types of gantry cranes such as A-frame gantry cranes, L-frame gantry cranes, double girder gantry cranes, etc, we believe eme has the best casters in the business. 



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