eme Gantry Cranes — The Complete Package

When you need a Gantry Crane for a maintenance lifting job, what do you need to look for? Steel, that needs a forklift to move it or aluminum that is easy to assemble and use -- and even move under load?

Welcome to the aluminum eme Gantry Crane integrated system.  Our system has been optimized from the casters that connect the gantry to the ground, all the way up to our own Beam and Beam Trolley that carries the load.  No more guess work, no more measuring flanges to see if your beam trolley is appropriate.  Simply connect the legs to the beam and you are ready to execute your lift.  

The integrated eme Gantry Crane was designed for simplicity, mobility and safety.


We have removed as many components as possible to reduce the risk that one your co-workers will lose a part, rendering your Gantry useless.  In fact, you can assemble the entire eme Gantry Crane with only two wrenches and two operators. The eme Gantry Crane can be easily built from the ground up. We’ve designed all of the components to work together, so that you can focus on executing your lift, not getting a Ph.d in gantry crane assembly


the eme lightweight aluminum Gantry Crane can be moved while under full load.  We aren’t talking about a 1/2 load or a 1/4 load, but absolutely fully loaded to the rated capacity for that eme Gantry Crane.  Our superior caster system allows the eme Gantry Crane to be steered while rolling under load.  


Operator safety is always a focus for us at eme.  Our Gantry Crane comes with industry leading certification and testing.  First, each eme Gantry Crane comes with an Engineers-stamped drawings for that model.  We also test every single gantry that leaves our facility to either 125-150% of WLL, depending on the model.  And we give you a signed certificate of test with your eme Gantry Crane model showing that it’s been tested.  Of course we include an Operating Manual, along with a mobile application that details the assembly instructions.  

Finally, we love supplying you with the complete solution.  If you need chain hoists or winches, then we can spec the appropriate solutions for your environment. 

If our Standard Models are not quite the right fit for your job, we can easily create a custom flavor for your specific lift.



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