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Strong Fasteners for safe maintenance lifting!

Have you ever thought about the underpinnings of safe maintenance lifting equipment and what contributes to safe lifting? Strong Fasteners that are more than a basic requirement ensure safe lifting using eme Gantry Cranes..

At eme, we consider how we can streamline our maintenance lifting equipment so that our aluminum, portable Gantry Cranes function smoothly each and every time for the people who use them. We want our customers and their staff to go home each night without back problems or any other type of injury as a result of using our equipment and so we build it to be strong and safe to use.

Therefore, we use Grade L9 chromate-plated fasteners, which resist rusting, give strength to our Gantry Cranes and confidence to our customers. We go beyond the minimum requirement and supply the best that is available.

These strong fasteners meet the challenges that our maintenance lifting equipment faces each day — with ease and without failure. With a shear strength of over 190,000 lbs., they resist stress and bending when the Gantry Crane is under load. We have even prepared the Gantry Cranes for the unpredictable use of rental Gantries while they are out on the job.

With North America’s extreme weather conditions to be considered, our fasteners are quick and easy to remove or insert; there is no banging with a hammer required for the assembly of the Gantry Crane. The details matter.

Remember! There is no equivalent! Use the best!


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