Strong Fasteners for safe maintenance lifting!

Have you ever thought about the underpinnings of safe maintenance lifting equipment and what contributes to safe lifting? Strong Fasteners that are more than a basic requirement ensure safe lifting using eme Gantry Cranes..

As we’ve said in previous posts, our #1 focus in the operator, from simplicity, mobility and safety, and everything in-between.  That’s why we use ultra high rated L9 chromate-plated fasteners in our eme Gantry Cranes.  These products resist rust, making them easier to remove and saving you time.  Our L9 fasteners are rated to 190,000 lbs shear strength, allowing them to resist stress and bending while the eme Gantry Crane is under load.  Remember, as we discussed in previous posts, we’ve put you, the operator, at the center of product design and created a full system just for you. 

With North America’s extreme weather conditions to be considered, we want to provide as much protection as possible for our operators.  That’s why we chose the L9 fasteners.  Even in the toughest climates they are easy to remove and insert – no need to bang them out with a hammer.  

The details matter – that’s why we created our eme Gantry Cranes for you.  



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