Davit Cranes

We’ve designed our lightweight Davit Cranes for the operator.  We’ve focused on simplicity, minimizing the number of parts and components.  At just 34 lbs, eme’s aluminum Davit Cranes are lightweight and easily carried from socket-to-socket.  Simply insert the aluminum Davit Crane into the Socket, engage the backstrap and the Davit Crane is ready to begin lifting.  The eme sockets use a precision machined high-tech bushing that creates our signature Smooth Glide System, resulting in a a seamless 360 degree turn even while the Davit is under full load. 

Standard eme Davit Crane Models

Davit Crane Models

The eme Davit and Socket System

The eme Davit and Socket Service Network (DSSN) allows a single eme Davit Crane to service a diverse network of Sockets. By installing an eme Socket at each lift location, the eme Davit Crane can then be used to service that base whenever a lift is required.

The eme DSSN drives significant benefits including a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), maximum system level lifting flexibility, and reduced complexity and easy network expansion. 

Davit Cranes

eme Davit Crane and Socket Features

  • Lightweight, all-aluminum construction
  • One-piece Davit arm reduces chance of damage compared to complex multi-component pieces of equipment 
  • Grade L9 chromate-plated fasteners
  • Crosby shackles for optimum radius adjustment
  • Industrial-grade powder coat finish
  • Fabric radius strap designed to absorb shock-load when raising or lowering submersible pumps
  • Smooth Glide System results in seamless 360° rotation while under full load
  • Extensive standard sockets configurations that can easily be customized for any lifting environment
Davit Crane Benefits

Simple Assembly: Easily place the Davit Crane into a socket. No tools required.   

Portability: The Davit folds up for ease of carrying. Mobile solution is easily transported offsite in a pickup truck to service an off-site socket.

Rapid Adjustment: Operators can easily remove the radius adjustment bolts with a single wrench.

Maximize Safety: Ultra lightweight aluminum design at just 34 lbs reduces the risk of injury.

Smooth Rotation: eme Smooth Glide System minimizes friction while turning under load, keeping the operator safely away from the well opening.

Variable Radius Arm
The VRA300 (Variable Radius Arm) is also compatible with the eme sockets. It is designed to provide the radius necessary to pick UV Light Arrays for easy maintenance. From a central socket location within a radius of up to 15 ft. (4.57 m), the VRA300 can pick up UV Light Arrays or other lightweight equipment, such as pumps, motors, etc. Rated at 300 lbs (136 kg), the VRA300 it offers a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership than lifting alternatives.
Winch or Hoist
The eme Davit accommodates either a winch or chain hoist.
Safety & Certification
eme takes your safety seriously.  eme has been manufacturing Davit Cranes since 2003 and has an impeccable safety record.  Every eme Davit Crane comes with:
  • Engineers Stamped Drawings
  • Load tested before shipment to 150% of rated capacity
  • Certificate of Test shipped with each product and corresponding serial number
Our Davit Crane Warranty

We have full confidence in our product design and craftsmanship, which is why we offer the most comprehensive 10-year warranty in the industry.

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