eme 2200 Davit Crane Series

The eme 2200, a lightweight 1 tonne capacity aluminum Davit Crane with a maximum lift capacity of 2,200 lbs can use either a winch or chain hoist.  The eme aluminum 2200 Davit Crane has 5 radius adjustments and can be customized for maximum radius and lift height.  If you need a different radius simply swap out a single bolt and you can change to a different Davit Arm.  All of our Davit Cranes are designed to work with our eme Sockets and Socket Extenders.

eme 2200 Davit Crane Models

Ultra Lightweight

At just 43 lbs our ultra light eme 2200 Davit Crane Series offers unprecedented portability and ease of use.

Simple & Expandable

Our Davit Cranes are designed to be intuitive, easy to use and can be ported from Socket-to-Socket with absolutely zero tools.  If you have different radius requirements just swap out the Davit Arm by removing a single bolt, no need to buy an entirely new Davit.

Innovative Mobility

Our innovative one-piece design and wide variety of Sockets enables operators to quickly build a small lifting network, allowing the eme 2200 Davit Crane to service a set of lifting locations.  This architecture helps to minimize the need for redundant equipment and unnecessary cost.

eme 2200 – 1 tonne capacity Aluminum Davit Crane Use Cases

Operators use the eme 2200 Davit Crane in a wide variety of settings, solving a broad range of lifting problems in the 2,200 lbs class.   Operators have leveraged our lightweight aluminum Davit Crane to navigate difficult to reach environments, maintain wastewater aquaculture infrastructure.  The eme 2200 Davit Crane is an indispensable tool for moving 2,200 lbs (1T) loads.

eme 2200 – 1 tonne capacity Aluminum Davit Crane Unique Features

The lightweight and portable eme 2200’s extensive feature set makes it the ultimate piece of lifting equipment to have available for an operations professional.

Davit & Socket Service Network (DSSN)

All eme Davit Cranes are compatible with all eme Socket types.  The lightweight construction of the eme Davit Crane combined with the versatility of the eme Sockets allows an operator to use a single socket to service a network of bases.  Many operators will buy a single eme Davit Crane to service a network of Sockets within close proximity to one another.  The eme Davit Crane one piece design can be carried on its own, without a heavy lifting bag.  There are no tools required to install the eme Davit Crane into the Socket and only a single wrench is necessary to adjust the radius.


Wide Variety of Davit Sockets

eme has developed a wide array of Davit Sockets allowing the operator to deploy an eme Davit Crane in almost any location.  eme also routinely creates custom bases for customers.  Visit our Socket Section to see the Socket portfolio.

Proven Track Record
The eme Davit Crane has been deployed in wastewater facilities and manufacturing plants throughout North America for over 10 years.  From frigid Canadian winters to scorching hot summers, it has a phenomenal track record of performance and reliability.  Since the eme Davit Crane is highly portable, it can be stored when not in use, reducing performance degradation commonly created by exposure to the elements.  

All eme 2200 Series aluminum Davit Cranes come with:

  • Certificate of Test at 150% of Rated Capacity
  • Engineers Stamped Drawing covering the eme 2200 design
  • Owners Manual
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