Lifting Equipment Accessories

Grip Eye

Grip EyeUnlike “index lifting,” which requires multiple lifts, the Grip Eye allows the operator to lift pumps in one quick and easy lift. All that is required is to attach the pump to the top of the well with a chain, which is sized according to pump weight, the depth of the well, etc.

The Grip Eye is attached to the chain hoist hook and slides down the chain, hooking into a link at the bottom of the chain. It is then a simple matter of raising the pump in one smooth lift. Resetting the pump is just as easy.

If your pump or lifting equipment supplier is quoting “index lifting” or cables attached to each pump, contact eme.

Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams are specially designed to lift by attaching to two different points on a load. The design is an all-aluminum extruded box beam with adjustable pick points on the beam. Integrated, machined handles make lifting easy and reduce the possibility of injury. Spreader Beams come in lengths up to 15 feet.

eme Split Beam

The innovative eme Split Beam uses a precision machined insert to give the operator 3 beams in 1, without compromising capacity, adjustment capability, or ability to roll the eme Gantry Crane under full-rated load. The eme split beam consists of a 12 foot and 8-foot beam that can be combined to create the 20-foot eme Split Beam. The lifting capacity for all three beams is 1T. All beams can have their beam width adjusted.

Cantilever Option

Adding the eme Cantilever Beam and counterbalance weights allows the eme Gantry Crane to now “fish” over obstructions or barriers with a lift capacity of 900 lbs. The 260 lbs of counterbalance weights are divided into ten 26 lbs plates for easy transport.

Cable Holder

Cable HolderCable is attached to many types of submersible equipment in Water and Wastewater Plants. The problem is how to store the cable when it is not in use.

The customary cable storage method is to simply leave the cable coiled on the ground beside the well. This method subjects the cable to damage from the elements, hides it under ice and snow, making it difficult for the operators to handle, and hastens its deterioration.

eme recognized these problems and created a cost-effective solution. Our Cable Holder is designed to be attached to the railing that surrounds tank and pump facilities. It helps protect cables from the elements and makes them more easily accessible.

Pneumatic Casters

Pneumatic CastersPneumatic Casters for eme Gantry Cranes is a great solution for pressure sensitive surfaces. Our pneumatic casters solution has a capacity up to 4,400 lbs.

Steel Shipping Pallets

Steel Shipping PalletsSteel Shipping Pallets for eme Gantry Cranes are perfect for long range shipping via LTL carriers or on site storage at job sites and branch locations.  The Steel Shipping Pallet is forklift easily lifted from either ends or sides.  On pallet labeling guide lets anyone quickly pack the pallet.   The strong steel construction enables pallet reuse for all of your eme Gantry Cranes that have the same dimensions.  The pallet is available in 8, 10, 15 ft long by 42 inch wide sizes. 
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