The 7.5 tonne Aluminum Gantry Crane is here!

We are now introducing the world's first portable, Aluminum 7.5 tonne Aluminum Gantry Crane that will assist you on bigger and more difficult lifting jobs! It has been thoroughly tested for 7500 kg or 16500 lbs. (8.25 short tons)

The 7.5 tonne (16,500 lbs) aluminum eme Gantry Crane not only helps you with more challenging work, it helps you to use it, in that it is supplied with an eme ground-travel system which allows the components to be rolled individually to move them into position for Crane assembly — which needs only three Operators to erect the Crane within a few minutes — without additional rigging equipment!

In developing this high-capacity, lightweight Crane system, we consulted with Niagara College’s high-tech Engineering Department and various structural engineers to maintain the Company’s renowned lightweight, portable, lifting-design standard.

And, yes, this large, portable Gantry Crane is certified to roll under load as do ALL of our Gantry Cranes.  While it is certainly a handsome piece of equipment, each one comes with an Engineer’s stamped drawing, a Certificate of Test and an illustrated Operating Manual.


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