Tall Sockets with lightweight, aluminum Davits for safe lifting?

In the beginning . . . we observed that the Davit equipment of our competitors all weighed more than 125 lbs.

Let’s face facts, skilled labor isn’t getting any younger.  We observed this same phenomenon amongst the skill trades operators at the Water and Wastewater facilities that we supply.  And as we all get older, we know that our body’s aches and pains are more frequent and last a little longer! 

Almost 15+ years ago we looked at the landscape and couldn’t understand why the skilled trades of the Wastewater facilities were being forced to use heavy and cumbersome steel Davit Cranes that you basically needed an F-150 truck pulling it to make it rotate.    We set out to flip the script with our eme Davit System.  

So, why would we create a “me too”, extremely heavy Davit which was challenging to the backs of the Operators?

Instead of subjecting the operators to a horrendously heavy Davit, we created an ultra lightweight Davit Crane and paired it with a rock solid permanent base.  The result?  An operator friendly system that not only eases the stress and strain on the operator, but creates a more inclusive workforce for Municipalities.  Our eme 1,100 lbs Davit Crane weighs just 34 lbs. Now every type of Municipal worker can work with it, since it’s so light and portable.  And no heavy lifting bag necessary to carry it since it is only a single piece!  

A light Davit and a Tall Socket, of course!  

At 42″, the eme Standard Socket of mild steel is powder coated a bright Safety Yellow which is easily seen on a Plant’s site at any time of the year and, particularly, in our snowy Winters when they can be found easily above the snow.  As part of our lightweight Davit System, the Davits weigh 34 lbs and 43 lbs and can be carried easily from one Socket to the next for the servicing of the pumps — without requiring any bending to lift the lightweight Davit .  As an added bonus as the site expands, that same eme Davit Crane can be used to service additional tall steel Sockets are reducing the cost for the Municipalities.  We like to call this the eme Davit and Socket Service Network – a single eme Davit Crane can service a wide range of Sockets!

Being able to place the tall Socket against the safety railing is an additional bonus for safe lifting of the pumps; as well, unlike short sockets, the tall Socket does not fill up with snow and ice, so the challenge to chip out the Socket for use simply does not exist — and, of course, we do supply covers for all of our Sockets.

The next time an engineer tries to spec a solution into your facility citing its 50 year track record, maybe you need to ask them if perhaps anything better has been created since Super Bowl 5, when the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys. 

I’m fairly certain the equipment on the football field has changed, why hasn’t yours?   


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