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Moving Under Load . . . that is what our Gantry Cranes are designed to do.

On some recent sales, we have become more aware of the importance to customers of the ability to move the Gantry Crane under Full-Rated Capacity.

This is related both to our design, which makes them lightweight and portable, and to the aluminum materials which are used.  

In all cases, the Gantry Crane should be moved by at least two competent individuals with close attention to constraining properly any tendency of the load to swing.

As a caution, the proper use of the double-locking Caster features will be most helpful:  locking both Casters at one end parallel to the Beam and leaving the other-end Casters to rotate freely permits the personnel to move the assembly on a clean surface, much akin to a grocery-shopping cart.

While many other gantries state that they cannot be moved under load, we CAN, due to our design!

Remember, you can …  Lift It … Move It … Safely!  


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