Custom Gantry Cranes Are Our Speciality

Got a problem? Need a Custom Gantry Crane to resolve it? Do you have a situation where a Standard Gantry Crane just might not be able to do the work? This calls for one of our Custom aluminum Gantry Cranes – but where can you find one? Right here!

We realize that not all Standard Gantry Cranes can do all of the various tasks.

There are times when a Custom Gantry Crane is the answer.  

We love to help customers resolve their problems and design just the right lightweight and portable Gantry Crane that will make their work easier!

  • We have made a special Gantry Crane which lifts a Hummer to demonstrate how strong our customer’s grain bucket is.
  • We have designed a Tower Crane to help a customer work within a very narrow space.
  • We have built a special XY Gantry Crane for a customer.  

Along with the right solution, you will get an aluminum, lightweight, portable Gantry Crane with a unique Box Beam (and allows it to be built from the ground up) which includes a Beam Trolley and double-locking Casters and includes a Certificate of Test, an Operating Manual with a Stamped, Engineered drawing and a 10-Year Warranty against Manufacturer’s defects.

Every Gantry Crane, whether Standard or Custom, is tested in our Manufacturing facility before it leaves for your premises.

Bring us your unique lifting problems so that we can design the perfect lifting solution for you. 

And remember — it can move under load!

Lift it … Move it … Safely


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