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eme Aluminum Gantry Cranes help AME's maintaining helicopters.

When removing a helicopter engine in the field, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) may use various types of lifting equipment to safely lift and remove the engine from the aircraft. The specific type of lifting equipment chosen may depend on factors such as the helicopter model, the availability of resources in the field, and the nature of the operation. Here are a few examples of lifting equipment that an AME may use in the field:

Tools for the Field

  1. Engine Hoist or A-Frame:

    • Engine hoists are portable hydraulic or manual lifting devices specifically designed to lift and support heavy loads, such as helicopter engines. They typically consist of a sturdy frame, a hydraulic cylinder, and chains or cables for attaching to the engine.

    • An A-frame is another type of lifting equipment that can be used to support and lift the engine. It consists of a triangular-shaped frame with a hoist or winch system attached at the top. Lightweight and portable aluminum gantry cranes can be easily transported and assembled in the field to facilitate a lift. These lightweight cranes can lift up to 8,800 lbs up to 18 feet in the air.

  2. Portable Crane or Mobile Crane:

    • In some cases, a portable crane or mobile crane may be brought to the field to facilitate the engine removal process. These cranes offer a higher lifting capacity and can be set up near the helicopter to lift and remove the engine.

    • Portable cranes are typically designed to be disassembled, transported, and reassembled in different locations, making them suitable for field operations.

  3. Helicopter Dolly or Engine Dolly:

    • A helicopter dolly or engine dolly is a wheeled platform specifically designed to support and transport helicopter engines. It typically has adjustable supports and straps to securely hold the engine during the removal process.

    • The engine can be lifted using a separate lifting device, such as an engine hoist or a portable crane, and then placed onto the dolly for safe storage and transportation.


It’s important for the AME to assess the field conditions, availability of lifting equipment, and the specific requirements of the helicopter model to determine the most suitable lifting equipment for the engine removal. The selected lifting equipment should have the necessary capacity to safely handle the weight of the engine and ensure the stability and balance of the lifted load throughout the removal process.

At Easily Moved Equipment (eme), we manufacture a range of lightweight and portable aluminum gantry cranes that meet the needs of the AME. With lift height up to 21 feet that enables component work or lifting the entire aircraft, our products have been engineered to assist the AME. Call us today to find out how we can help you! 888-679-5283


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