eme Surround Beam Trolley: Easy to Use & Safe

The Beam Trolley connects the load to the Beam.... so we thought it made sense to spend a little extra time and attention to create the best system possible.

At eme, we are always focused on removing lifting complexity to create a superior operator experience.  This is why we created our unique Surround Beam Trolley.
Historically, I-Beam Gantry Crane Trolleys had been complex devices designed to work across an array of flange widths that could support a variety of capacities.  There’s a bunch of different adjustments possible on the beam trolley to try and match it with the correct flange width and depth.  In addition the operator typically needs to lock the Beam trolley onto the flange… we’ve seen some bad outcomes when the new guy fails to correctly match it up to the I-Beam.  Add-on growth of aluminum I-Beams, you now have a complicated scenario whereby you are putting a steel wheeled Beam Trolley onto an aluminum I-beam.
By focusing on the operator experience and safety, we created the eme Surround Beam Trolley.  The eme Surround Beam Trolley fully encloses around the eme Hollow Beam, ensuring that it won’t derail.  It uses ultra high quality rollers to glide across the top of the Beam and avoid damaging it.  Next, we created a simple locking mechanism to allow the operator to lock the Beam Trolley in position on the Beam.  This was an important addition for our system since 100% of eme aluminum Gantry Cranes can be rolled under full rated load and its important to have the trolley secured while being rolled.  Lastly, we include a very high quality shackle to hook the load or chain hoist onto.  
Every eme Gantry Crane ships with one of our Surround Beam Trolleys.  Our Beams are capable of handling multiple Beam Trolleys if that’s what the lift calls for!     
The eme Surround Beam Trolley System is just one of the many unique systems that we created to drive a fantastic operator experience and increase operator safety.
We always like to think that employers that value their operators give them Easily Moved Equipment (eme) lifting equipment to maintain their environment!


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