eme Davit Crane: 10 Year Mechanical Maintenance Free Guarantee

The eme Davit Crane offers unmatched performance and reliability
“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” -John Wooden, famed UCLA basketball coach
Prior to launching the eme Davit and Socket System over 15 years ago, we made a significant upfront engineering investment.  Our goal was to produce a hassle free piece of equipment for our operators that could stand the test of time, while also providing an industry leading user experience.  After 15 years, we now have enough field data to conclude that we accomplished our original goal.   
After reviewing the data, we can definitively conclude that the eme Davit Crane is exceptionally reliable.  We have received universally positive feedback from our operators on the performance of the eme Davit Crane, which makes us proud.  However, for any manufacturer, the spare parts order rate is always a metric to monitor to help understand the reliability of the equipment.  We’ve shipped almost no spare parts over the last 15 years for our eme Davit Crane.  We view this as an unprecedented achievement.  
With over 15 years of data collected on our Davit Crane, we can now offer an industry leading 10 Year Mechanical Maintenance Free Guarantee on our Davit Crane.  If any of our Davit Crane mechanical components need replaced, we will do it for free.  
So stop spending precious maintenance budget on maintaining the maintenance equipment.  Do it right the first time while initially deploying reliable maintenance equipment.
Contact us to find out how we can help solve your lifting challenges with the Easily Moved Equipment Davit Crane and Socket System.  


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