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The eme Wastewater Infrastructure solution offers the best in pump lifting equipment.  It consists of our world leading lightweight aluminum Gantry Crane and Davit Crane. Using our solutions together, a facility can eliminate expensive overhead cranes and redundant davit placements. 
eme Wastewater Infrastructure Solution Enables a New Era of Maintenance Lifting

Our wastewater solution offers the best in pump lifting equipment.  It consists of the eme Gantry Crane and the eme Davit Crane. As one of the only global manufacturers of both aluminum Gantry and Davit Cranes, we are able to offer customers a comprehensive package that eliminates the costs and problems associated with legacy solutions.

The key to the eme solution is that our aluminum Gantry and Davit Crane are lightweight and portable. The eme aluminum Gantry Crane can easily be built over pipes, pumps or built in tight spaces or on walkways. With lifting capacity from 1/2T to 10 tons, it can execute a wide range of lifts and often replaces expensive and cumbersome overhead cranes.

The eme Davit Crane and Socket are used to retrieve submerged pumps for maintenance. With lifting capacity up to 2,200 lbs, our unique Davit and Socket Service Network (DSSN) enables a single lightweight Davit, weighing 34 lbs, to service a diverse network of bases. Simply install a Socket at the required lift locations and use the lightweight eme Davit Crane to service that base at the time a lift is required. The DSSN has multiple benefits including favorable TCO, less floorspace consumed and performs at a higher performance level for longer since the Davit Crane can be stored in a safe location.

The DSSN creates an easy to expand service network. Your water and wastewater infrastructure needs will likely grow over the long run, and the DSSN is built to accommodate that growth. Simply add another base to expand the network and use your eme Davit Crane to service the new location.

Minimize Environmental Footprint
We understand that wastewater facilities are at the leading edge of promoting environmental sustainability. Our Gantry and Davit Cranes are made of aluminum, which is one of the most environmentally friendly materials since it’s a permanent material that is efficient to recycle. And we understand that wastewater facilities are focused on not only the type of material being used, but also the amount of material being used. Our Davit and Socket Service Network eliminates redundant Davit deployments, reducing the amount of material being used to construct the facility.  
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