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The lightweight, aluminum eme Gantry Crane is an outstanding replacement for overhead cranes in truck repair facilities. And no need to risk damaging an engine with an ad hoc forklift removal solution. With lifting capacity up to 5T, our trucking solution provides unparalleled flexibility for your truck repair workflow.

A Overhead Crane Replacement for Truck Repair

The eme Gantry Crane has significant benefits versus standard solutions.


Easily slide the eme Gantry Crane from stall to stall to execute the appropriate lift. No need to dedicate one stall for engine lifts, just position the eme Gantry Crane where you need it for that day.


We know not all truck repair facilities are the same. Some of have complex duct work and piping in the ceiling, requiring different heights. We can easily customize the eme Gantry Crane for your environment.

High Return on Investment

Better utilize your resources with our long-term solution. Ad hoc solutions such as using a forklift and multiple mechanics not only create risk of damage, but are also expensive given the high hourly rate that mechanics are paid. The eme Gantry Crane will quickly pay for itself as you can redeploy underutilized assets to more profitable areas of your business.

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