Case Study #9 | Maintenance Contractor Significant Time Savings

The time savings gained by this solution from eme meant that our client was able to recoup the cost of the Davit and Socket on the first job.

The Client

Maintenance Contractor

Project Requirements

Repair of tall chimney stacks.

The Challenge

To reach all sections of the stacks easily and efficiently.

The Solution

Our client had purchased an eme 4400M Gantry Crane. Impressed with the versatility and quality of the unit, they contacted eme to inquire about a Davit Crane they could use when repairing smoke stacks. eme‘s model 3300CH had the lift height and reach they needed to meet their requirements.

With a Socket specially designed to be mounted to the outside of the stack, the Davit Crane could reach all sections of the stacks.

The job entailed removing the Rain Cap from the top of a stack so that repair work could be done to the brickwork. The Socket was anchored to the smoke stack at a 300 ft. level, and the rain caps were dropped to the ground for storage. Then, when the brickwork was finished, the rain caps were retrieved and replaced on the top of the stack.

A job that normally took one week to do was done in four days. It was a great result for the client.

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