Case Study #7 | Water & Wastewater Plant Maintenance Savings

Maintenance time and expense were reduced considerably at this Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant, with an easy-to-use Davit Crane solution from eme used to lift UV Light Arrays.

The Client

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Requirements

The UV Light Arrays kill off bacteria as part of the process of cleaning the water. When this is done, the lights need to be lifted for maintenance.

The Challenge

The plant was spending too much money on expensive boom trucks to lift the UV Light Arrays.

The Solution

Since the eme Davit Crane has full 360° rotation, and uses a lightweight Arm (VRA300) to lift mixers and pumps, we were able to extend the Arm and create a double Arm, which quickly and easily lifted the UV Light Arrays, allowing them to be cleaned.

The maintenance time and expense were reduced considerably with this easy-to-use solution.

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