Case Study #6 | Water & Wastewater Plant Deep Lift

Lifting three 3,500 lb. pumps out of a deep pit at a Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant was made easy with a Gantry Crane from eme.

The Client

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greensville Alabama

Project Requirements

To lift three 3,500 lb. pumps in a 26 ft. deep by 25 ft. wide pit.

The Challenge

Previously, a large crane had to be called in to lift the pumps. This expensive solution for routine maintenance needed to be scheduled in advance.

The Solution

Combining an eme 4400R Gantry Crane and a 30 ft. beam that has a lift capacity of 4,400 lbs. and a clear span of 27 ft., with an Electric Chain Hoist with pendant control, operators were able to move the Locking ‘Surround-Beam’ Trolley with ropes attached to the Trolley, and then run over sheaves.

This work was done behind a safety fence. It accomplished the goal of maintenance of the three large pumps with considerable savings.

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