Case Study #2 | Municipality Sewage Pumps

Davit Crane and Socket Extender solutions from eme gave this municipality the tools it needed to work efficiently, without any impact on the area around the sewage tank.

The Client

Municipality in Alberta

Project Requirements

To lift pumps from sewage tanks in residential neighbourhoods.

The Challenge

For multiple reasons, the municipality did not want to have tall, visible Sockets installed at the tank locations.

The Solution

Due to population growth, this municipality had been upgrading its sewage pumping stations and adding several new stations.

It selected the eme 1100CH Gen II Aluminum Davit Crane as the standard equipment for these upgrades.

The pictured Davit is on top of the eme aluminum Socket Extender and a Side Mount Socket.

The tank, visible in the photo, is a fibreglass (FRP) tank. The tank manufacturer used the emeSide Mount Socket in the molding of the tanks for the municipality.

The Socket simply bolts onto the tank using 316 SS Rods and Fasteners, and is left in place while the Davit Crane and the Socket Extender are moved from site to site.

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