Case Study #12 | Helicopter Company Problem Solved

Not only did this eme aluminum Gantry Crane solution save time and money, the Gantry Crane could be left out in tough weather conditions, and could be used in other locations around the camp for maintenance.

The Client

Helicopter Company

Project Requirements

Moving drill rigs at a mine site on James Bay.

The Challenge

The Company had a problem: flying time was $3,600 per hour for their helicopters.

The Solution

The solution to this problem was to use Caterpillar tractors. In order to assemble the Cats, the client used the eme 6600R portable aluminum Gantry Crane.

The unit was flown to the site in a small freighter airplane.

Easily assembled by the three mechanics, the Gantry Crane was used to help remove the Cats from the freighter and to put the parts on sleds, which were then pulled to the assembly area on the tundra.

The assembly of the two Cats took one week. The working conditions were inhospitable, with the temperature being measured at -40° Celsius.

Not only did this new method save time and money, this portable aluminum eme Gantry Crane could be left out in the tough weather conditions, and then be used in other locations around the camp for maintenance.

It was also used on the drill rigs to help change out the drill bits, and later it was found useful in the repair shop to service various pieces of mobile equipment found around the camp.

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