Case Study #11 | Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiencies

At this Wastewater Treatment Plant, more Sockets and fewer Davit Cranes led to significant savings.

The Client

A Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Requirements

Lifting pumps in new facility.

The Challenge

To be more efficient on a tighter budget, with less stress on the Operators.

The Solution

The photo gives a clear view of how the eme Side Mount Sockets were be attached to the side of a tank.

Then, the eme GEN II Davit Crane was mounted on each Socket, as needed, in order to lift the pump at each station.

As the Plant grows, Sockets can be added around the site.

Because each eme GEN II Davit Crane is made of lightweight aluminum, and weighs between 34 lb. and 43 lb. (depending on the model which is to be used), the eme Davit Crane is very portable. That means fewer Davit Cranes are required, and it’s easier on the Operators, as they’re not carrying the same heavy loads.

In short: More Sockets + Fewer Davit Cranes = $ Savings.

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