Case Study #10 | Aeronautical Facility Multi-Level Challenge

Lifting two 16,000 lb. electrical cabinets was a tough job, but with eme Gantry Cranes, it was done on time and on budget.

The Client

Major Aeronautical Manufacturing Facility

Project Requirements

To lift and move two 16,000 lb. electrical cabinets to a raised section on the third floor.

The Challenge

The cabinets came in twelve pieces, each on the first floor of the building. They had to be assembled, then raised to the third floor of the building, and then raised again to a mezzanine on the third floor – but to different locations on that floor.

Fork lifts could not be used because of the weight of the cabinets and the load-bearing capacity of the mezzanine floor.

The Solution

Two eme 5-tonne Gantry Cranes were used.

They assembled each of the 12-part cabinets on the first floor, and then a boom truck lifted the Gantry Cranes and the two cabinets up onto the third-floor mezzanine.

The Gantry Cranes were then rigged to lift the cabinets. Because the Gantries can move under load, the workers were able to roll the Gantry load onto the cabinets’ raised foundation, which were in their proper locations on the third floor.

The job was done on time and under budget!

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