eme’s line of high quality, lightweight Davit and Gantry Cranes are designed into hundreds of facilities.  We’ve replaced countless overhead cranes and permanent davits over our history, saving millions of dollars in plant and equipment costs in the process.  After using our equipment, many operators insist that eme is designed into a plant.  Contact us to find out how we can help you design a more efficient and less costly facility.

Eliminate Expensive Permanent Infrastructure

The eme Gantry Crane and Davit Crane have significant benefits versus standard solutions.  eme’s portable equiment can eliminate costly structural engineering associated with permanent lifting solutions and reduce redundant lifting equipment.

High Quality Product Construction

eme only uses ultra high quality North American sourced components.  From Grade 9 fasteners to using only certified welding, we focus on product quality and durability.  As a leading supplier to the North American rental industry, we like to call our equipment “Rental Tough”.  As everyone in the industry knows, the rental industry is likely one of the most demanding environments on equipment that exists.  eme is proud of our exceptional track record in even the toughest of conditions.

Extensive Product Documentation

Engineers Stamped Drawing

As an engineer, we understand that you require maximum precision while designing and spec’ing a facility.  That’s why we offer Engineers Stamped Drawings for all of our products, so that you always get the right specs.

Certificate of Test

Each of the eme Gantry and Davit Cranes are tested at or in-excess of OSHA standard prior to shipment.  As a reputable engineering firm, you can rest assured that you are spec’ing in ultra high quality equipment for the facility operators.

eme is the Operator's Preferred Choice

The eme Gantry & Davit Crane are preferred by operators.  In regions where our equipment has been spec’d into a project, it quickly becomes the gold standard for subsequent facilities.  With our Davit Crane’s 10 Year Mechanical Maintenance Free Guarantee, engineers can confidently spec in eme’s high quality equipment, knowing that facility operators will have the high quality and reliable gear for years into the future.

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