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Easily Moved Equipment Inc. is a market leader for lifting equipment

Easily Moved Equipment Inc. is the North American market leader for portable lifting equipment for maintenance. We manufacture lightweight, aluminum and portable Davit Cranes (world’s first 1-tonne) and lightweight, portable and aluminum Gantry Cranes (world’s first 5-tonne). Our Davit Cranes are the lightest and our Gantry Cranes are probably the easiest to build from the ground up in only a few minutes.

We manufacture:

  • Davit Cranes, lightweight and aluminum, move easily under load and are widely used in Water & Wastewater Plants (world’s first 1-tonne – regular and extended radius and lift-height models).

  • Top Mount Sockets and Side Mount Sockets for our Davit-Crane system (first 42 in. steel Top Mount and Side Mount Sockets for easy locating in bright, safety yellow).

  • Gantry Cranes (world’s first 5-tonne), lightweight and aluminum, move easily under load, used in Water & Wastewater Plants, Industrial markets and Rental Houses.

  • VRA 300 Arm – revolutionary UV system maintenance, Water & Wastewater Plants.

eme aluminum Davit Cranes are the lightest units available today.  The standard half-tonne capacity Chain Hoist model weighs just 34 lbs/15.5 kg, while the Standard one-tonne Chain Hoist model is only 43 lbs/19.5 kg.  Both models are available with a variety of Manual and Electric Winches.  Having one-piece Arms, our Davit Cranes do not need damage-prone carrying bags; they fold up into a compact package that is easy to carry or store – and easy on the Operators’ backs!

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(Variable Radius Arm)

1-Tonne Aluminum
Davit Crane


5-Tonne Aluminum
Gantry Crane


MWWA Innovations Award
Davit Crane


Lightest Davit Cranes
1100 Davit: 34 lbs
2200 Davit: 44 lbs

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